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Our first newsletter is out!

Here’s the text from the first one if you didn’t get it in your inbox:

Hello Friends,

You may have noticed some changes at Goebel Park. We have new paint colors! Happy…Fun…Friendly paint colors! We were able to hold our first community impact project and paint, not only the gazebo, but also the Covington sign. It truly looks GREAT. Thank you. It was a wonderful community building experience. Don’t worry if you were unable to paint on Sunday, there will be plenty of other opportunities. We still have the checkerboard on the floor of the gazebo to paint, not to mention the rest of the park shelters. We are hoping to team up with Cov200 and schedule a workday to knock out some more painting. Our old brown Goebel will soon be full of new color.

We have also been actively working with the City of Covington and the Covington Police Department to create a safer park environment. The city removed the horizontal slats on the park shelters creating clear sightlines and a more inviting park atmosphere. The city has also turned on the lights in the shelters, and are working on repairing the broken lighting throughout the park. The Police have beefed up their patrolling of the park and are enforcing the park hours. Please call the police if something does not seem right or safe.

As some of you may have noticed, two large pieces of park equipment were vandalized and are now unsafe to use. We are working on getting the damaged equipment removed. MGG’s playground planning committee is researching new equipment options and we hope to have bids ready to submit to commission by the end of July. I know little ones will be disappointed to not have slides for a few weeks, but the new updated equipment will give them something to look forward to.

We are also working on two large public art installations on the rear of the shelters. One will face I-75 and one will face the 5th St. exit. They will be great conversation starters for all the creative things to come to Goebel, and will play off of our new colorful pallet. The two pieces will be done in the German Fractur style and will tell the story of William Goebel and the history of Mainstrasse Village. Be looking for a call to artists in the upcoming weeks.

Another exciting development for Goebel Park is our new partnership with Riding Forward. Riding Forward designs and installs Pump Tracks. Riding Forward is currently working on a design for our Goebel Park location, with an overall goal to use the pump track as a connecting component for the rest of the park. We are very excited about working with Riding Forward and look forward to a growing relationship with them and the Covington biking community.

A huge thanks goes out to Jim Guthrie at Hub & Weber for donating site plans to MGG. These plans will be used to promote our project, assist in grant writing and fundraising. The plans are being created from information gathered during our public input at the ROMA – MSVA Mingle, the MGG Pizza Planning Party, and information gathered since March at the launch of MGG. We cannot wait to see them! Thanks Jim.

We are in the final phases of solidifying our board. It you, or someone you know would like to be involved…please let us know. Great things are happening, and we want you to be part of it. Hope this gets everyone up to speed with the happenings at Make Goebel Great. Be looking forward to a picnic in the park mid July, and don’t forget Yoga in the Park every Tuesday and Sunday! Thanks.


Emily Wolff

Make Goebel Great