Impact Day = Success!

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Saturday’s COV200 Impact Day was a huge, massive, mega success. We had about 70+ volunteers come out to help our beloved park and the amount of word we got done in just a few hours is nothing short of impressive.

Here are some photos from our day at the park:



We want to make sure to thank: COV200, Keep Covington Beautiful, United Way, Ricoh, Northern Kentucky University, MainStrasse Village Association, the City of Covington, the Residents of MainStrasse, Spotted Yeti Media, Bret Schulte and Piper’s Cafe. Big thanks to our volunteers, committed neighbors and businesses and friends of the park. There are so many of you that have to come and donated your time and your energy to this park project.

We are currently in what we have been calling the P phase of the park: painting, polishing, playground. Painting…that’s done! Polishing…..that’s a lot closer to done! Playground……we are getting there!

On Saturday, the big tasks that we completed were:

• Finished painting the shelters, the shutters, doors and trim work.

• Hung the finished mural! It’s behind (on the backside) of the picnic shelter with the fireplace facing 5th Street.

• Trash pickup!

• Weeded and cleared out the beds, re-defined the edges to beds that once were, identified weeds and pulled ’em.

• Landscaped around the gazebo…we need some help with keeping these new plants watered while the plants get established!

• Planted 5 street trees around the city! One is in front of Platform 53 (Thank you guys for adopting this tree!), 2 are on 8th, 1 is on Main and 1 is on Philadelphia. Anyone want to volunteer to make sure these trees are well-watered.?

• Lots of weeding…folks were on their hands and knees with screwdrivers digging weeds out of the cracks!


• Volunteers to walk up to the park and water the new landscaping around the gazebo.

• Volunteers to water the street trees to help them get established.

• All of you to continue to MAKE, GO and EAT at Goebel Park!