Make Goebel Great began as a group of motivated individuals (both adults and kids) looking to find a way to build a better Goebel Park. Momentum picked up quickly and in the Spring of 2014, Make Goebel Great became a committee within the MainStrasse Village Association Foundation. This committee is co-chaired by Emily Wolff and Cole Imperi, who were both elected to the Foundation board in 2014.

MainStrasse Village Association Foundation Inc was formed in 2005 by MainStrasse Village residents and business owners to help the City of Covington maintain historic buildings, monuments and parks in MainStrasse Village.
The purpose of the Corporation is for charitable purposes, specifically, for the lessening of the burdens of government, combating community deterioration, and the erection, maintenance and repair of public monuments and historic areas, and by raising funds and utilizing them for the purpose of enhancing the MainStrasse Village’s, located in Covington Kentucky, historic German American cultural and architectural qualities and features and public monuments and parks normally provided by government.
(Although there are two separate Board of Directors, The Foundation works hand-in-hand with the MainStrasse Village Association, which is a 501(c)4 which was formed in 1979. In addition to grants, some of the funding for the Foundation comes from donations by the Association from special event revenue (such as the yearly maintenance agreement funding for the clock tower, maintenance of Don Brown Commons, and other similar projects such as the kiosks).